About Us.

Every brand has an identity, every organization has a voice—and words matter.

It may sound strange to think of a company as a living, breathing entity, but it makes sense. People make organizations what they are. Their ideas power innovation, collaboration and business relationships. The services they provide deliver immense value to their customers.

Put that all together and you establish a culture with a common set of values and aspirations. You have a brand that takes on a life all its own—and somewhere in there is a unique voice begging to be heard.





We work with a diverse range of leading professional services providers including:

Accounting & Finance

Take a strategic approach to appeal to your core clientele.


Effectively communicating your firm’s experience and expertise.


Let’s bring your firm’s value propositions to life in a creative way.

Human Capital

Let the world know how you help people achieve their full potential. 

Helping professional services firms stand out and be heard.

We’ve been helping professional services firms stand out and find their brand voice for more than a decade. How? By creating great branding, developing high-impact content and creating and executing communications programs that deliver results. Our approach is simple. We believe that outstanding marketing programs should be sustained, relentless and driven by your organization’s long-term sales and growth goals.

Our Team

Chris Atchison, Founder and Managing Director

Chris founded Shockwave in 2009 with a simple goal: to deliver high-quality strategic consulting, content marketing, branding and communications services to professional services firms. He endeavoured to bring the high standards and expectations from his days as an award-winning journalist to organizations that need to communicate their experience and expertise in a creative way to stand out and grow. He’s long believed that appealing design and effective communications can be a competitive advantage for service providers across industries.

Chris is a proud husband and father of three, as well as a dedicated entrepreneur and lover of all things marketing-related who will always be influenced by his days as a reporter and editor. He’s been lucky enough in his past to break international news, travel the world and write about it, as well as sharing time with A-list celebrities, leading entrepreneurs and business leaders, senior politicians, world-class athletes and a Beatle. Yep, he’s got a few stories to tell.

Lorna Atchison, Operations Director

Lorna is a career marketing professional with extensive experience serving professional services firms. Lorna’s passion for marketing is matched by her dedication to delivering outstanding customer service. Having worked with leading consulting and accounting firms and banks—including PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and the Bank of Ireland—Lorna has leveraged her unique expertise and skill set to build Shockwave into a successful marketing-communications firm with clients across a range of industries.

She believes that by staying true to our values, never compromising quality and always seeking creative solutions to clients’ pressing marketing-communications challenges, we can help those organizations achieve bottom-line success.

Lorna is a busy mother of three and spends much of her time giving back to the community when she’s not taking care of her fourth, furry child—a gregarious golden retriever named Teddy.

Our Why

We exist to create great work that best represents our clients’ brands and helps deliver business results. Each day that we achieve that goal is a good day.

We seek inspiration everywhere. We draw on those insights and experiences and roll them into everything we do.

We love to learn. In fact, we’re dedicated to constantly expanding our intellectual, creative, emotional and physical horizons to become slightly better people each and every day.

We’re driven by that feeling you get when you know you’ve created something special. We can’t explain it, exactly. We just know how it feels. We crave it—and we can’t wait to experience it again.

What We Do

Digital Strategy

From SEO-focused content marketing to social media management, position to attract the clients you need to grow.

Content Marketing

Create a unique brand identity and a distinct online presence that drives awareness and achieves your marketing goals.


Let’s produce attention-grabbing content that’s timely, relevant, interesting and informative to your target clientele.


It takes accurate and properly-branded messaging–delivered consistently and with flare–to make your brand stand out.

Our Approach

Maybe it’s because Shockwave is founded by a former journalist, but everything from our research to client discovery processes are designed to delve deep into the inner workings of your organization. We not only want to know what you do and how you do it. We want to know everything from your strategic ambitions to your team’s professional back stories. It’s not only about where your business is now, but where you want it to be tomorrow and years into the future. It’s only by covering every angle—and providing invaluable business insights and consulting along the way—that we can deliver the kind of service and creative work you expect from a leading agency.

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